Monday, 29 December 2008

Give us today our daily bread

I loooove the smell of freshly baked bread! Home-baked bread disappears faster than one can spell b-r...Continuing all the wonderful times of my baking classes, decided to make a cannelloni (which by the way my help at home has learnt to perrfection!) with garlic and cheese bread was made for dinner.

The yeast is still at home in abundance, so much so that naans (also perfected by my help!) are now becoming part of daily fare!

To add a bit on break-making, important to follow. The process of letting the dough rise is known as proving. During the whole proving of the dough the yeast are multiplying, feeding on the sugar that is present. Carbon dioxide is produced, and this fills up the tiny gas pockets generated during the kneading of the dough

Once the dough has doubled in size it is important to knock the dough, this is similar to kneading. The dough is punched after which it is kneaded gently for a short time. The aim is to remove any air pockets which have might formed in the dough, create an even texture in the bread and redistribute the yeast, allowing fermentation to continue. The dough can then be proved a second time.

Here's the recipe!

Flour - 250 gms
Yeast - 15 gms (1 tbsp - fresh yeast)
Warm milk - 50 ml
Sugar - 10 gms (2 tsp)
Butter - 15 gms
Salt - 5 gms
Water - as required
Cheese - 75 gms (8-0)
Garlic - 10 flakes


  1. Disperse yeast along with sugar in a little warm milk and keep aside for 2-3 mins

  2. Sieve flour into a marble top (preferably) and make a well in the centre

  3. Pour yeast mixture , add water as required to make a soft dough (do not knead)

  4. Mix butter and salt and ix it into the the a smooth dough

  5. Cover the dough with a wet cloth (e.g. muslin) and leave till it rises to almost double in size ('proving')

  6. Take the dough and knead it on the marlble top again - add in chopped garlic and half the cheese

  7. Shape into loaf and place on well greased baking tray and prove again till it doubles in size

  8. Once done brush with egg wash (I use a milk walk which is 50 ml with 1 tsbp of sugar)

  9. Sprinkle with remaining cheese and bake in oven at 200 degrees celcius

  10. When done sprinkle with melted butter!

The cheese and garlic can be replaced with almost any filling you wish, mushrooms, olives, herbs, paneer etc.

All ready to be served for dinner!


Zee said...

thanks a lot! now i'm hungry....AGAIN!

Cool said...

please write something besides food also :)