Friday, 25 January 2008

Flights of Fantasy

For all those from the ICSE Board, no am not referring to the poetry book which formed part of our English curriculum. This is an effort to recap all the bizarre incidents that I can recall at airports/ on aircrafts.

- Your name being called out in an aircraft full of passengers, with the steward announcing – “Will the woman carrying this bottle of alchohol please identify herself”

- The Captain announcing “We are having some problem landing, there is a dog on the runway – our ground staff is working at its level best at chasing it”

- Flight not taking off due to a “tachnical wather problem” (refer earlier blog)

- The seat indicated on my boarding card being allotted to 3 other people. I completed the journey sitting on one of those collapsible seats on which the airhostesses sit. (They have a name, which I am unable to recollect)

- On landing in Heathrow, in the city of my dreams, the first sentence I hear on entering the airport.” In saare gore logo ko danda maar kar line mein khade karvana hai (I apologise for my Hindi here)

An old granny flying for the first time insisted on opening the window saying “khidki kholni hai” (and I am not making this up)

Ok I can't think of anymore, and I guess have overblogged. So adios for now.


Still searching said...

Lol! Hilarious! You actually heard this comments?!!

Oh and I remember Flights of Fantasy now! Pink/purple coloured cover, thin book with God only knows what inside it!

Zee said...

how come we didn't hear any of these????

Zee said...

and which alcohol were u carrying? we didn't get any!

SS said...

SS: Flights of Fantasy, the poetry book.
Z: It was a bottle of Amarula, and you are most welcome to have a swig if & when you come to Mumbai.

Horn Please OK! said...

Huh ?? They called you out based on the alcohol you were carrying ? Were you trying to smuggle feni out of Goa or what ?

Cool said...

Cool, you blogging regularly.. all are hilarious... have heard some before from you and some are new...

Rach said...


nice post... genuinely funny too :)

Never had such an experience in flights (most have been dull!!), but tell me... wat happ to the old granny? :p

Good Blog!