Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Filmi Chakkar

I was out on the streets of Bandra yet again, attending to one of my usual domestic chores, to be precise buying sambhar powder. Although I also ended up buying an exfoliating face-wash as it promised to make all my blackheads vanish.

Coming back to the point, the minute I stepped out of the building I could smell the excitement in the air. People scurrying all over place, madly running from one end of the road to the other, mindless of the autos, dogs, and the odd car. People standing on tip-toes, necks craned looking out at some distant window or car, the car in this case most likely a monster SUV.

I have been living in Mumbai for the past 18 months and have learnt to interpret what perhaps could be the cause of this excitement.

The above frenzy I described is usually associated with a Bollywood celebrity and when you’re in Bandra its usually somebody pretty well-known. Turns out, in the words of my liftman Bimlesh, it was Asariyah & Abeesekh! I have not idea what they were doing here, maybe a movie shoot, opening a new hair saloon or perhaps visiting the parents (Ash’s) whatever it was, they definitely responsible for a lot of Sunday snoozes being disturbed.

The point I’d like to make here is although I’m party to all this excitement, rarely have I gotten to see these stars. Weeks ago, I’d been to Band Stand for a walk, again the same excitement, this time outside a CCD. Ask around and they say Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif. I too join the crowd, crane my neck, stare in the direction in which most heads seem to staring (there will also be a few who look elsewhere, not be distracted by them) and yet I see no one bearing any kind of resemblance to either.

To end on a positive note, I have been fortunate enough to see some star – although after typing the sentence I don’t see why I need to use the word fortunate. Ok, I’ve seen John Abraham eating a granola bar, in a monster SUV, with a Bipasha preening and posing in the back-seat. Saif Ali Khan looking very haggard. Kareen Kapoor looking very anxious. Seen lots more P3 personalities, Kyunki Saas Bhi Bahu Thee types – all not worth mentioning. Whoever they maybe, they make it a point to sit in the front seat, with the driver. I guess they like the world to see them, and yes they are in the show business after all.


Zee said...

how could u forget mtv vj yudhishter??? he's the only celeb i've seen!!!!!!!!!!! and that too with u!

u started a blog 3 days ago and didn't tell me about it.......booooohooooooo

Still searching said...

I've only seen Satrughan Sinha!! So you're definitely fortunate to have seen someone closer to your age (Asariyah, John, Bipasa), if nothing else!

You write well! Hope your enthu continues and you keep posting!

Cool said...

write a lot as long as enthu is high in the begining :)
me not too interested in folmi personalities...

Adarsh said...

I have seen none (though I was in Mumbai for less than a day).
And I haven't seen any Hollywood celebrity either :(
But as you said, it's not unfortunate... right?

Bee said...

Hehe. I once saw Amitabh Bachchan driving his car - and telling me to concentrate on the road while driving by means of a hand gesture, and I have to admit I was kicked!! I know the enthusiasm you are referring to - Its fun!